Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Russian Tzigane group - Me Tut Kamav

HardTalk with George Galloway

"George Galloway talks candidly (as usual) about the demise of the old Labour (party), his own party Respect, and the invasion of Iraq, among other things. He also called Tony Blair a 'War Criminal', who should be tried at the Hague, just like the Nazis were tried at the Nuremberg Trials."

The Lost Gospels - Pete Owen Jones goes searching for the missing books of the Bible

Life on Earth - Episode 02 - Building Bodies

"This second episode explores the various sea-living invertebrates. In Morocco, the limestones are 600 million years old, and contain many invertebrate fossils. They fall broadly into three categories: shells, crinoids and segmented shells. The evolution of shelled creatures is demonstrated with the flatworm, which eventually changed its body shape when burrowing became a necessity for either food or safety. It then evolved shielded tentacles and the casings eventually enveloped the entire body: these creatures are the brachiopods. The most successful shelled animals are the molluscs, of which there are some 80,000 different species. Some are single-shelled such as the cowrie, while others are bivalves that include the scallop and the giant clam. One species that has remained unchanged for millions of years is the nautilus: it features flotation chambers within its shell, which in turn formed the basis for the ammonites. Crinoids are illustrated by sea lilies, starfish and sea urchins on the Great Barrier Reef. Segmented worms developed to enable sustained burrowing, and well preserved fossils are found in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. These developed into trilobites and crustaceans, and the horseshoe crab is shown nesting in vast numbers on Delaware Bay. While the rubber crab breeds in the sea, it is in all other respects a land animal and Attenborough uses it to exemplify the next evolutionary step."

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire - Nero

Pat Metheny Trio - Lone Jack

Pat Metheny - guitar, Bill Stewart - drums, Larry Grenadier - bass. Montreux Jazz Festival, 1999.

Pat Metheny on Myspace

Dire Straits - Down To The Waterline (Rockpalast, 1979)

Véronique Sanson - Pour me comprendre

Johnny Hallyday et Michel Berger - Tennessee (Intro de Jeanne Mas)

Leslie & Amine - Sobri

Cheb Mami - Let Me Cry

Никита - Ты не моя (Nikita - Ty nie moya - You're Not Mine)

Bette Midler - I Look Good

Tony Hussle - Come Again

Eric Clapton - Change The World (Live Version)

Eric Clapton & Mark Knopfler - I Shot The Sheriff

Switzerland's Top Secret Drum Corps, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2006

Robert Conti on 8-string guitar

Great 8 String Guitar: - Funny videos are here

Raul Rekow - Conga solo

John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy - Impressions

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kotaro Oshio - Hard Rain

Bob Marley - Africa Unite

Aishwarya Rai - Hindi Bollywood Dance (Ishq Kameena - Shakti)

Aishwarya Rai Hindi Bollywood Dance (Ishq Kameena - Shakti) - Watch the top videos of the week here

Idir - Zwit Rwit

Diana Haddad et Cheb Khaled - Mas We Louly


Elie Kakou - Madame Sarfaty

Coluche - Les hommes politiques

Joan Baez - House of The Rising Sun

Joan Baez on MySpace

Nightwish - The Kinslayer

MFÖ (Turkey) - Sari Laleler

The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Tuff Enuff

Leo Kottke & Doc Watson

Jacques Brel - Le plat pays - 1964

Henri Salvador - Chambre Avec Vue

Serge Steyer - Bireli

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony

Caveat: Quoting Richard Dawkins: "When Einstein said 'Did God have a choice in creating the Universe?' he meant 'Could the universe have begun in more than one way?' 'God does not play dice' was Einstein's poetic way of doubting Heisenberg's indeterminacy principle. Einstein was famously irritated when theists misunderstood him to mean a personal God. But what did he expect? The hunger to misunderstand should have been palpable to him. 'Religious' physicists usually turn out to be so only in the Einsteinian sense: they are atheists of a poetic disposition. So am I. But, given the widespread yearning for that great misunderstanding, deliberately to confuse Einsteinian pantheism with supernatural religion is an act of intellectual high treason."

Meerkats Divided

The Mystery of the Human Hobbit

"Is the hobbit a new human species or nothing more than a modern human with a crippling deformity? On the far-flung island of Flores, in the Indonesian archipelago, a team of archaeologists happened upon a tiny 18,000-year old skeleton. It was no more than a metre tall. They assumed they have found the remains of a young girl. But other signs suggested she was in fact much older. They had discovered one of the smallest human adults ever found."

Al Di Meola - 1998 Montreal Jazz Festival

Larry Carlton - Night Sweats

Monday, February 26, 2007

Kayah (Poland) & Cesária Évora (Cape Verde) - Embarcacao

Patricia Kaas - Entrer dans la lumière

Clever little Lalique moment, did you notice?

Samira Said & Cheb Mami - Youm Wara Youm

Cheb Mami - Le raï c'est chic

Sejong Park (South Korea) - Birthday Boy

Muriel Robin - Le répondeur

Michel Berger - Le Paradis Blanc

Patricia Kaas - Une fille de l'Est

Malheureusement, cette vidéo est déformée, écrasée horizontalement.

Unfortunately, this video is distorted, crushed horizontally.

Johnny Hallyday - Voyage aux ... vivants

Spécial Jacques Higelin et Didier Lockwood au Festival d'Antibes (1986) - Slim Black Boogie; Hold Tight; Victoria

Lee Ritenour - Captain Fingers

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

John Mclaughlin, Kai Eckhardt, Trilok Gurtu - Live

"Four long years had passed since McLaughlin's last record when JMT released Live at the Royal Festival Hall in 1990. The brilliant percussionist Trilok Gurtu, of Oregon fame, joined him—along with superb bassist Kai Eckhardt—to form an exciting band which was to exist in one form or another (with revolving bassists) for five more years. The mostly acoustic music which fills this album, augmented by electric bass and John's guitar synthesizer, is a mix of standard jazz, fusion and Indian-influenced rhythms and melody lines. "

Personnel: John McLaughlin - Guitar; Trilok Gurtu - Percussion; Kai Eckhardt - Bass

Mark Knopfler - Money For Nothing


Wildlife Specials - Tiger

"Dangerous, powerful, but above all breath-takingly beautiful, tigers have for centuries sparked awe and admiration. Yet, it is their very uniqueness which has made them a prized object for hunters. This film could be the last complete portrait of tigers in the wild as there is a real chance they could be extinct within the next decade.

"Their elusive lifestyle has made filming difficult, but after 25 years of the Project Tiger scheme operating in India's Madhya Pradesh, these big cats have become more trusting. An award-winning team of producers and cameramen have teamed up to follow the lives of several tigers by day and, by using low-light cameras, at night. The result shows the majesty of these fascinating animals and the importance of saving them from extinction."

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

George Galloway on Question Time, 8th June 2006

Part 1

Part 2

Will Israel Bomb Iran?

"This film reveals Israel's view of the threat and gets inside the intensely secret world of the Israeli military, which speaks openly for the first time about what they see as the "existential" threat to Israel, posed by Iran's alleged atomic weapons programme.

"Three of Israel's former prime ministers come together on this issue, comparing the danger to a "new Holocaust".

"This World gains rare access to Israel's highly protected missile factories and satellite surveillance centres, where the arms needed for any potential raid are manufactured."

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire - Caesar

Alsu (Tatarstan) - Zima (Winter)

Paul McCartney - Hey Jude

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dave Grusin - The GRP Super Live In Concert '88

GRP Big Band - Tom Scott solo on alto sax

Lee Ritenour - Rio Funk

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Conquistadors - All The World is Human

Animusic - Aqua Harp

Mark Harmer - Carolan's Dream

Alan Stivell et Dan ar Braz à Bercy

La musique et la harpe d'Alan Stivell et moi, c'est une histoire d'amour de bientôt quarante ans.

Life on Earth - Episode 01 - The Infinite Variety

"This episode begins in the South American rainforest, whose rich variety of life forms is used to illustrate the sheer number of different species. Since many are dependent on others for food or means of reproduction, David Attenborough argues that they couldn't all have appeared at once. He sets out to discover which came first, and the reasons for such diversity. He starts by explaining the theories of Charles Darwin and the process of natural selection, using the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands (where Darwin voyaged on HMS Beagle) as an example. Fossils provide evidence of the earliest life, and Attenborough travels a vertical mile into the Grand Canyon in search of them. By the time he reaches the Colorado River bed, the geological strata are 2,000 million years old — yet there are no fossils. However, the "right rocks" are found on the shores of Lake Superior in Canada, where wafer-thin slices of flint, called churt, reveal filaments of primitive algae. Also, the micro-organisms that flourish at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming appear to be identical to the Earth's oldest fossils. The evolution of single-celled creatures, from simple cyanophytes to more complex ciliates, and then from multi-celled sponges and jellyfish to the many variations of coral and its associated polyps, is discussed in detail. The fossilized remains of jellyfish are shown within the Flinders Ranges of Australia, and are estimated to be 650 million years old."

Weird Nature - Bizarre Breeding

Tito Puente and Sheila E - El rey del timbale

Eric Clapton - Cocaine

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers - Kids Got The Blues

Bette Midler - Doctor Long John Blues

Adam Baldych, Fusion Violinist from Poland - Solo

Larry Carlton & Lee Ritenour - Room 335

The visual quality is not so good, but the music is great!

La qualité visuelle laisse à désirer, mais la musique est excellente!

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Remember Shakti - Saturday Night in Bombay

"Guitarist John McLaughlin is one of the true legends of modern jazz. On Saturday Night in Bombay, two distinct musical genres, traditional jazz and Indian classical music are fused together to form a powerfully energetic record. Saturday Night in Bombay features the current touring version of McLaughlin's Indian/Western improvisational quartet, which includes Zakir Hussain, U. Shrinivas, and V. Selvaganesh-Remember Shakti."

Indialucia - Raag & Ole

Deep Purple - Steve Morse solo followed by Smoke On The Water

Noa - Eye In The Sky

Noa on MySpace

Cheb Rayan - Wa3ra

Othmane Mayor - Nkelech Omri - El mahna elli nebghiha - Raï-Reggada

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jean-Jacques Goldman et Céline Dion - Pour que tu m'aimes encore

J'ai compris tous les mots, j'ai bien compris, merci
Raisonnable et nouveau, c'est ainsi par ici
Que les choses ont changé, que les fleurs ont fané
Que le temps d'avant, c'était le temps d'avant
Que si tout zappe et lasse, les amours aussi passent

Il faut que tu saches

J'irai chercher ton cœur si tu l'emportes ailleurs
Même si dans tes danses d'autres dansent tes heures
J'irai chercher ton âme dans les froids, dans les flammes
Je te jetterai des sorts pour que tu m'aimes encore

Fallait pas commencer, m'attirer, me toucher
Fallait pas tant donner, moi je sais pas jouer
On me dit qu'aujourd'hui, on me dit que les autres font ainsi
Je ne suis pas les autres
Avant que l'on s'attache, avant que l'on se gâche

Je veux que tu saches

J'irai chercher ton cœur si tu l'emportes ailleurs
Même si dans tes danses d'autres dansent tes heures
J'irai chercher ton âme dans les froids, dans les flammes
Je te jetterai des sorts pour que tu m'aimes encore

Je trouverai des langages pour chanter tes louanges
Je ferai nos bagages pour d'infinies vendanges
Les formules magiques des marabouts d'afrique
J'les dirai sans remords pour que tu m'aimes encore

Je m'inventerai reine pour que tu me retiennes
Je me ferai nouvelle pour que le feu reprenne
Je deviendrai une autre après qui tu soupires
Ces jeux seront les nôtres, si tel est ton desir

Plus brillante plus belle pour une autre étincelle
Je me changerai en or pour que tu m'aimes encore

Jean-Jacques Goldman

Juliette Gréco - La Javanaise

Guerriers à Louer

"La guerre va-t-elle devenir une activité commerciale ? Un exemple : l'Irak. Plus de 10 000 militaires privés sont présents dans le pays aux côtés des soldats de la coalition. Ils entraînent l'armée irakienne, gardent les installations pétrolières et les ambassades, escortent les hommes d'affaires. Qui sont-ils ? Qui les contrôle ? Comment sont-ils recrutés ? Enquête sur la privatisation de la guerre."

Kalaripayit - Ancient Dravidian martial art from India

Meerkats United

Steptoe & Son - A Star Is Born

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Hawking Paradox

Hawking, Susskind and others on black holes and the "information paradox".

Human Version 2.0

Conquistadors - The Fall of the Aztecs

Twelve Girls Band (女子十二楽坊)- Concerto - 09

Lee Ritenour & Steve Lukather - Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Jean-Luc Ponty live

Premiata Forneria Marconi live in Japan, 2002

I saw Premiata Forneria Marconi in a live open-air concert on the island of Ischia, on Saturday September 16, 1978, with forest fires on the mountain in the background and a full moon just above the mountain. It was intense, amazing, unforgettable, and totally magical! At that time, the guitarist's hair was already white.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Avraham Russo - Amor

Серёга - Возле дома твоего (Seryoga - Vozle doma tvoego)

Gollum's Acceptance Speech

Gollum Acceptance Speech - video powered by Metacafe

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart - People Get Ready

Elie Kakou - Le prof géo-anglais-dessin

Nightwish - Over the Hills and Far Away

CAUTION - put the volume down almost all of the way before starting the video.

ATTENTION - baissez le volume presque totalement avant d'enclencher la vidéo.

The Life of Buddha

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

"Nick Knowles explores the facts and the fiction behind the legendary Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. "This Gunpowder Plot show is the best TV show ever produced for history. Perfectly weighted, funny, clever and covers all the key points." - A. Field,""

Godfrey Reggio - Anima Mundi - The Soul of the World

"Anima Mundi is a film about animals. It contains no actors, has not plot and has no script. Anima Mundi was created by Godfrey Reggio who also created Koyaanisqatsi.

"Anima Mundi was commissioned by the Italian jewellery company Bvlgari, for the World Wide Fund for Nature which used the film for its Biological Diversity Program. The breathtaking images of nature where intended to make the viewer feel that they where part of the natural world. Philip Glass provided the musical score in Anima Mundi, as with all of Godfrey Reggio's films.

"The concept of the term Anima Mundi is that the order and beauty of nature are made of the almost endless species and varieties of animals, elements and beings that make a balanced whole. All of the shots in Anima Mundi relate to this though, rather than just being images of animals that one might find in a BBC documentary.

"The footage in Anima Mundi is made up of existing and newly shot footage. Only the finest existing footage was considered for the film. The score provides a good accompaniment to the animal scenes. Philip Glass often provides an unusual score, as is the case with Anima Mundi. However the sounds and rhythms complement the film well."

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire - Revolution

The Last Aztec

"Booker prize-winning novelist DBC Pierre (Vernon God Little) takes a trip back to the Mexico of his youth to explore the downfall of the Aztecs - one of the greatest civilisations in history.

"Raised in Mexico by his English parents, Pierre has had a life-long obsession with the Aztecs. It was this obsession that once drove him into debt and dissolution. Now he sets out to revisit the Aztecs' epic tale of decline and conquest and hopefully finally lay his own ghosts to rest. Part historical film, part road movie, The Last Aztec follows him as he traces the advance of the Spanish conquistadors toward the Aztec capital."

Blake Shelton - Some Beach

Josh Groban - You Are Loved [Don't Give Up]

Neil Young - Mansion On The Hill

My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

Seal - Killer (Live In Paris)

Don Henley - Taking You Home

Kathleen Madigan - Smoking

Eric Clapton - Blue Eyes Blue

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Zouc - Le téléphone

Varvara - Griozy Lyubvi (Dreams of love)

Laurent Gerra - Bourrer l'bélier

Deep Purple in Live With Ronnie James Dio and The London Symphony Orchestra - Smoke on The Water

Despina Vandi (Δέσποινα Βανδή) (Greece) - Lathos Anthropos

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck - I'm Down

Jimi Hendrix - Wild Thing (Paris, 1967)

Shigeko Suzuki, Ayaka, and Kotaro Oshio - Tears In Heaven

Kotaro Oshio - El condor pasa

Земфира - Xочешь (Zemfira - Khotchech)

Aslu (Tatarstan) - Vtchera (Yesterday)

Rowan Atkinson - Spider-Plant Man

Part 1

Part 2

The Guitar Trio (Al Di Meloa, John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia) - Live In Loreley - 1981

Last Days on Earth

"The world's top scientists describe seven riveting scenarios detailing the deadliest threats to humanity. Some can destroy the planet, others have the ability to render us extinct, and all have the power to destroy civilization. "Last Days on Earth" goes beyond science fiction to science fact. Using state-of-the-art visual effects, it will take viewers on a journey that is both breathtaking and terrifying, from the outer reaches of the universe to the inner world of DNA, with an around-the-globe tour in between."

Torchwood - Episode 9

Emission Mystère 1992 - La Dame Blanche

Weird Nature - Peculiar Potions

Tintin - The Secret of The Unicorn

"In the Secret of the Unicorn (1943), and its sequel, Red Rackham’s Treasure (1944), Tintin joins Haddock on the trail of Sir Francis Haddock, the Captain’s distinguished ancestor. Newcomer Cuthbert Calculus, an inventor, will help locate the treasure and will ultimately contribute the necessary funds which enable Captain Haddock to acquire his family’s ancestral home, Marlinspike Hall.

"Three models of the "Unicorn" will make it possible to discover Red Rackham’s treasure, the legacy of a pirate with whom Captain Haddock’s ancestor had fought. This is an adventure full of surprises and which will end in Marlinspike Hall where Nestor, the famous butler, will make his first appearance."

Sheila E - Drum solo

The Mark of Zorro - 1920 - With Douglas Fairbanks

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Les Yeux Noirs - Gypsy Project 2002

Avec Biréli Lagrène, Stochelo Rosenberg, Dorado Shmitt, Tchavolo Schmitt, et Angelo Debarre.

Biréli Lagrène et Sylvain Luc - Full Live Jazz in Marciac 2000

Shivkumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia - The Valley Recalls

"This performance is a sequel to a blockbuster Call Of The Valley album released in 1967 by EMI. The maturing of Sharma and Chaurasia is visible in their presentation of their music and despite a huge gap since their previous duet, the clear fusing of their minds and music is simply magical! It is as natural and seamless as one could possibly imagine! Hearing this concert on a CD gave one flutters but to see it being performed visually makes one fully realise what an incredible performance this is! Apart from the pedigree, it is better to identify The Valley Recalls more as iconic in its own right rather than a sequel, per se, to what in the 1960s was a mould breaking effort to bring classical music in an idiom more widely acceptable and enjoyable."

The Super Guitar Trio And Friends

With Larry Coryell, Al Di Meola, and Biréli Lagrène - best with headphones and volume all the way up. Enjoy!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride & Joy

David Gilmour - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Jennifer Batten & Jeff Beck - What Mama Said

Clapton, Knopfler, Collins - Same Old Blues

Laurent Voulzy - Le rêve du pêcheur

Gainsbarre - Aux enfants de la chance

Linda - Vorona / Линда - Ворона

Jaco Pastorius - Bass Solo - Montreal Jazz Festival - 1980

John Coltrane - Afro Blues

Gainsbarre - All The Things You Are - 1964

On oublie trop facilement quel excellent pianiste et musicien de Jazz Gainsbarre fut, et beaucoup de gens l'ignorent.

Cheb Rayan & Rima - Dana Dana

Cheba Maria & Hamid Bouchnak - Omri

Zucchero & Cheb Mami - She's My Baby

Les Dieux Sont Tombés Sur La Tête II