Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jeff Corallini - Ticket de route

Miles Davis - Hannibal (Live in Paris, 1989)

Gamalon - Cabin 14

The Guitar Show - Episode 1

Episode 1: Angus Young, Duke Robillard, Steve Morse, Tony Joe White, Bob Brozman.

Nos enfants, tous des malades mentaux?

Partie 1

Partie 2


Partie 1

Partie 2

Partie 3

The Six Billion Dollar Experiment

Well, I live very close to the CERN, so if a black hole does ensue next November, I'll be among the very first to enter it. Unfortunately, if that does occur, I won't be able to post to tell you all what it is like. :D

The Secret of El Dorado

"New evidence that advanced societies flourished in the Amazon Basin before the arrival of Europeans

"It was the most notorious wild-goose chase in history: the Conquistadors’ search for El Dorado, a fabulous kingdom of gold that Indians said lay hidden in the jungles of the Amazon Basin. But now, at last, archaeologists have uncovered the truth behind that myth. They have found evidence of a huge society, as advanced as the Egyptians or the Incas, right in the heart of the rainforest. And this is more than the story of a lost world rediscovered.

"For it seems that the people of the real El Dorado possessed a secret with the power to transform our world and their secret in the soil could be the solution to solving famine in the thrid world and other nations once and for all."