Saturday, April 07, 2007

Walking with Lions

Mountain Gorillas

Wildlife Special - Polar Bears

Super-massive Black Holes

"In June 2000, astronomers made an extraordinary discovery. One that promises to solve one of the biggest problems in cosmology - how and why galaxies are created. Incredibly, the answer involves the most weird, destructive and terrifying objects in the Universe - supermassive black holes. Scientists are beginning to believe that these forces of pure destruction actually help trigger the birth of galaxies and therefore are at the heart of the creation of stars, planets and all life.

"Super-massive black holes are so extraordinary that until recently, many people doubted that they existed at all. The idea of giant black holes the size of the Solar System seemed more like science fiction that reality - such monsters would be so powerful that they could destroy the very fabric of the Universe. But in the last five years a series of discoveries has changed our understanding of super-massive black holes and galaxies forever.

"Using the powerful Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have been scanning nearby galaxies, searching for these giant black holes. It's a difficult job - by their very nature black holes swallow light - so can never be seen. So what scientists have been looking for is the effect of their massive gravity, hurling stars around them at immense speed. What they've found is more extraordinary than anyone could ever have imagined; not just evidence that these vast destructive monsters exist… but so far they're in every single galaxy toward which they have turned their telescopes. These giant agents of destruction appear to be common throughout the Universe. Scientists now think supermassive black holes are a fundamental part of what a galaxy actually is."

Project Ruori - Don't Forget the Film

"Independent ambient post-rock/math-rock music video, from an upcoming production."

Sigur Rós - Andvari

Никита - Безумие лета (Nikita - Bezumiye lieta)

Chic - Good Times

Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville - Don't Know Much (for my darling fiancé)

Maanam (Poland) - Lipstick On The Glass