Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Russian Tzigane group - Me Tut Kamav

HardTalk with George Galloway

"George Galloway talks candidly (as usual) about the demise of the old Labour (party), his own party Respect, and the invasion of Iraq, among other things. He also called Tony Blair a 'War Criminal', who should be tried at the Hague, just like the Nazis were tried at the Nuremberg Trials."

The Lost Gospels - Pete Owen Jones goes searching for the missing books of the Bible

Life on Earth - Episode 02 - Building Bodies

"This second episode explores the various sea-living invertebrates. In Morocco, the limestones are 600 million years old, and contain many invertebrate fossils. They fall broadly into three categories: shells, crinoids and segmented shells. The evolution of shelled creatures is demonstrated with the flatworm, which eventually changed its body shape when burrowing became a necessity for either food or safety. It then evolved shielded tentacles and the casings eventually enveloped the entire body: these creatures are the brachiopods. The most successful shelled animals are the molluscs, of which there are some 80,000 different species. Some are single-shelled such as the cowrie, while others are bivalves that include the scallop and the giant clam. One species that has remained unchanged for millions of years is the nautilus: it features flotation chambers within its shell, which in turn formed the basis for the ammonites. Crinoids are illustrated by sea lilies, starfish and sea urchins on the Great Barrier Reef. Segmented worms developed to enable sustained burrowing, and well preserved fossils are found in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. These developed into trilobites and crustaceans, and the horseshoe crab is shown nesting in vast numbers on Delaware Bay. While the rubber crab breeds in the sea, it is in all other respects a land animal and Attenborough uses it to exemplify the next evolutionary step."

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire - Nero

Pat Metheny Trio - Lone Jack

Pat Metheny - guitar, Bill Stewart - drums, Larry Grenadier - bass. Montreux Jazz Festival, 1999.

Pat Metheny on Myspace

Dire Straits - Down To The Waterline (Rockpalast, 1979)

Véronique Sanson - Pour me comprendre

Johnny Hallyday et Michel Berger - Tennessee (Intro de Jeanne Mas)

Leslie & Amine - Sobri

Cheb Mami - Let Me Cry

Никита - Ты не моя (Nikita - Ty nie moya - You're Not Mine)

Bette Midler - I Look Good

Tony Hussle - Come Again

Eric Clapton - Change The World (Live Version)

Eric Clapton & Mark Knopfler - I Shot The Sheriff

Switzerland's Top Secret Drum Corps, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2006

Robert Conti on 8-string guitar

Great 8 String Guitar: - Funny videos are here

Raul Rekow - Conga solo

John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy - Impressions