Thursday, November 22, 2007

Depleted Uranium in Iraq


Maurice Béjart, January 1, 1927 - November 22, 2007

Maurice Béjart était un grand ami de mon oncle et ma tante. Je l'ai rencontré chez mon oncle en 1974, à l'époque où il était fraichement converti au Soufisme. Je fus fortement impressionnée par sa personnalité, bien qu'elle irritait beaucoup ma tante.

Repose en paix, Maurice.

Maurice Béjart was a close friend of my uncle and aunt. I met him at my uncle's home in 1974, at the time he had newly converted to Sufism. His personality impressed me enormously, even though it annoyed my aunt to a great degree.

Rest in peace, Maurice.

Bob Thurman and Deepak Chopra - Buddhism and Vedanta

Received from a dear MySpace friend:

"In contrasting Buddhism and Vedanta (Hindu philosophy), Bob Thurman, a former Buddhist monk and Deepak Chopra find there are more comparisons than differences, and both agree that, more and more, scientists are showing that quantum physics and spirituality (awareness, consciousness, the soul) are the nature of true reality. A must-see."