Saturday, May 05, 2007

Van Halen - Jump

Van Halen - Jump - video powered by Metacafe

Made For Each Other (1939), starring Carole Lombard and James Stewart

Manar Cha3bi rai Maroc 2006

Nancy - Atabtab

Cheb Khaled - Wahrane Wahrane

Miles Davis - Perfect Way

Billy Cobham - Stratus

Gary Moore & Thin Lizzy - Don't Believe a Word

Mike Bloomfield and Junior Wells - Messin' With The Kid

Spinning Lights #127 — Peaceful Smoke

Sigur Rós - Njosnavelin

Enigma - Turn Around

Natacha Atlas with Juno Reactor - God Is God

John Lennon - Imagine (live)

Hospital Serial Killers

"Doctors and nurses who murder their patients. And we're not talking malpractice or mercy killings. Thousands of patients have been killed in recent decades. Beatrice Yorker, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at Cal State LA, discusses a study on serial killers operating in healthcare settings."

Chanakya : Episode 1 (subtitles in English)

"Episode - 1: King Dhanananda, the last heir to the Nanda Dynasty rules the throne. Supriya Devi's son Angadha has been missing for a few ... all » days. Minister Wakranas blames Shaktar when a gold coin's missing from the salary of the workers in the palace."

Dick Tracy: Chapter Seven - The Ghost Town Mystery

Paul Personne - Loco Loco

Interview with 27-year CIA veteran analyst Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern, CIA veteran analyst, on Tenet and Cheney