Monday, April 30, 2007

Martinete by Mario Maya

Put the volume all the way up. Mettez le volume à fond.

Miguel Poveda and José Soto - Flamenco Nuevo

Joaquin Cortés - Flamenco Nuevo

Carlos Saura's Flamenco - Paco de lucia - Tangos

Carlos Saura's Flamenco - Bulerias (sung by Paquera de Jerez)

La Paquera de Jerez y otros grandes maestros

Stéphane Lambiel - LP Flamenco - 2007 World Championship

Stéphane Lambiel's official website

Huun Huur Tu (Tuva) at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, August 2006 (3)

Huun Huur Tu on MySpace

Bei Bei - All we Are Improv (Improvising At APU)

Buy Bei Bei's CD at Bei Bei's MySpace

Twelve Girls Band (女子十二楽坊) - Earthly Stars & Freedom

Fantômas I - À l'ombre de la guillotine (with sub-titles in English)

"Aka "Fantômas". "Fantômas makes it as the emperor of Crime. First is the robbery at the Royal Palace Hotel. Then he abducts Lord Beltham. As Fantômas' fame increases actor Valgrand creates the rôle of public enemy No.1 on stage. Eventually Inspector Juve, with a little help from Fandor, arrests Fantômas and he is soon sentenced to die on the guillotine." Directed by Louis Feuillade, written by Louis Feuillade, based on Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre's novel "Fantômas", 1913.

The Inspector General (1949)

"An American musical comedy based on the satirical play by Nikolai Gogol that deals with local corruption and a case of mistaken identity in early 19th century Russia. Its ambiguous sets and costumes places the study somewhere in Eastern Europe during Napoleonic rule. Perhaps because the film was produced during the onset of the Cold War, the vagueness of the setting might indicate that the producers did not want to make a comedy about Russia. This vehicle for Danny Kaye reduced the biting satire and increased the music for American audiences."

Viy (in Russian, for my dear friend Father Lawrence)

"A young priest is ordered to preside over the wake of a witch in a small old wooden church of a remote village. This means spending three nights alone with the corpse with only his faith to protect him.

"Леонид Куравлев ("Афоня", "Не может быть!") и Наталья Варлей ("Кавказская пленница, или новые приключения Шурика", "Гостья из будущего") в фильме "Вий". Мистическая фантазия, родившаяся в воображении Гоголя и воплощенная на экране одним из самых "сказочных" кинорежиссеров Александром Птушко (художественный руководитель постановки и разработчик трюков), ничуть не устарела, не потеряла своей яркости и вовсе не спроста называется фильмом ужасов. Бурсаку и Хоме - как и нам с вами - придется натерпеться страху, пока гуляет в украинской ночи неугомонная нечисть..."

It is a famous story by Nikolai Gogol.

Category of Terror

"Ralph Schoenman has been at the center of political analysis for over 25 years. He specializes in the Middle East as he was a first-hand witness to the 1982 attack on Lebanon. Ralph does two weekly shows on independant radio. One show is called Guns and Butter, the other is Taking Aim. He hosts both with his partner Mya Shone. I highly recommend Schoenman as he has the uncanny knack of cramming lots of info into a short amount of time."

Sierra Club Chronicles: The Day the Water Died

"March 24, 1989 will forever plague history as one of the worst environmental disasters of our time. Eleven million gallons of oil spilled into the Prince William Sound killing thousands of wildlife and destroying a complex and delicate ecosystem. Exxon promised they would clean up the spill and promised that those affected would get their lives back. Sixteen years later and the people are still waiting for their lives to become "whole" again.

"Ross Mullins - commercial fisherman and Cordova businessman, Dune Lankard - Eyak tribesman and environmental activist, Riki Ott - marine biologist and former commercial fisherman, are among many others who describe the historic the spill, the immediate emotional impact it had on them, and how, 16 years later, Exxon has still not paid the court-ordered punitive damages."

Tina Arena - Je m'appelle Bagdad