Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dire Straits TV-HQ - Arena - 1980

(Sous-titres en Français)

This documentary contains interviews and performance footage from the early days of Dire Straits, and is a fascinating look at the early career of the band.

Ce documentaire contient des images, des interviews, et des performances dès les premiers jours de Dire Straits, et est un fascinant regard sur le début de la carrière du groupe.

Gender Puzzle

Are we on the cusp of discovering what determines gender? The old mantra - all girls have XX chromosomes and all boys have XY - is no longer reliable. Scientists are now looking beyond chromosomes to "brain sex" and the role of newly discovered genes. By studying transsexuals and people on the gender extremes, they believe they can unlock the gender puzzle. This high-quality documentary looks at the new and challenging science of gender.