Monday, September 22, 2014

Pharrell Williams "Happy" Remake by Crimean Residents

See all those unhappy depressed and oppressed Crimeans under the Russian occupation... (/sarcasm)

You know, if I were in good health and wealth, I'd move to Crimea yesterday!! Slava Krim! Слава Крым!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Justin Hayward - One Day, Someday (Spirits Live)

In autumn 2013 Justin Hayward, the legendary lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for The Moody Blues embarked on a tour of the American East Coast following the release of his album "Spirits Of The Western Sky".

That's what I call music, that's what I call singing, that's what I call a song, that's what I call a singer whose every sung word is clear and well articulated. Furthermore, he's an excellent guitarist! Also, the balance between the instruments and the voice is excellent, the voice is placed in front of the instruments and not drowned-out by them. A real treat!