Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OMnia (Bulgaria) - Izgori Me

Vladiswar Nadishana (Siberia, Russia) - Shadow Theatre - Kuzhebarian Solstice Ritual

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Bei Bei - Dance of the Yao People

Performance at the Lantern Festival in Monterey Park, CA in 2007.

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Djamel Laroussi sur France 2

Göksel Baktagir (Turkey) - Nihavend Longa (Kemani Kevser Hanım)

Sheila E (congas) and her father Pete Escovedo (timbales) - Latin jazz 3

The Republican War on Science

Happily, not all Americans are stupid and gullible, by any means... thank goodness!

"Renowned science scholar Naomi Oreskes hosts Chris Mooney, author of the bestselling book "The Republican War on Science", a "well-researched, closely argued and amply referenced indictment of the right wing's assault on science and scientists" (Scientific American) Series: "UCSD Guestbook" [Science]"


Here is a perfect illustration of what the right-wing in the USA is doing to spread lies, ignorance and superstition among the population. These idiots haven't even understood that the theory of evolution has nothing whatsoever to do with the origin of life...

Part 1

Part 2

A War On Science

In the USA today, the right-wing, which is largely Christian Fundamentalist, is literally waging a war on science. It tries to redefine school curriruli, to exclude the teaching of the theory of evolution and replace it with, at best, the theory of Intelligent Design, and it generally attempts to dumb-down the population and plunge it back into an age of ignorance and superstition.

Parallel Universes

"Everything you're about to read here seems impossible and insane, beyond science fiction. Yet it's all true.

"Scientists now believe there may really be a parallel universe - in fact, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them. These other universes contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter. Some of them may even contain you, in a slightly different form. Astonishingly, scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimetre away from us. In fact, our gravity is just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours."

Interestingly enough, even though I am no scientist, a great many years ago I intuited and theorized that there is an infinite number of parallel universes and that we exist in all of them, that all the permutations and possibilities, all the choices we might make at any given time in our individual existence (singly and collectively), actually exist in these parallel universes. It would be fascinating if we could find a way for our consciousness to navigate in these parallel universes while retaining the awareness and memory of the one in which we live in our present existence.

Cesária Evora (Cape Verde) - Velocidade

Yulduz Usmonova (Uzbekistan) - Senga

Yulduz Usmonova's Home Page

Johnny Winter at The Greater Ozarks Blues Festival in Springfield MO, Sept. 9th, 2006

Pat Metheny and the Metropole Orchestra, live at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland

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The Zawinul Syndicate at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland

Part 1

Part 2

Lee Ritenour and Toshiki Kadomatsu - Heavenly Bodies

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Animusic - Resonant Chamber

Zitello Vincenzo, Celtic harp, live concert, Milan, 1990

Dick Tracy: Chapter Two - The Bridge of Terror

Godfrey Reggio - ANIMA MUNDI


"Anima Mundi is a film about animals. It contains no actors, has not plot and has no script. Anima Mundi was created by Godfrey Reggio who also created Koyaanisqatsi.

"Anima Mundi was commissioned by the Italian jewellery company Bvlgari, for the World Wide Fund for Nature which used the film for its Biological Diversity Program. The breathtaking images of nature where intended to make the viewer feel that they where part of the natural world. Philip Glass provided the musical score in Anima Mundi, as with all of Godfrey Reggio's films.

"The concept of the term Anima Mundi is that the order and beauty of nature are made of the almost endless species and varieties of animals, elements and beings that make a balanced whole. All of the shots in Anima Mundi relate to this though, rather than just being images of animals that one might find in a BBC documentary.

"The footage in Anima Mundi is made up of existing and newly shot footage. Only the finest existing footage was considered for the film. The score provides a good accompaniment to the animal scenes. Philip Glass often provides an unusual score, as is the case with Anima Mundi. However the sounds and rhythms complement the film well."