Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Marcus Miller - Run for cover

Weather Report - Volcano For Hire

Trilok Gurtu solo

Hommage à Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (1932-2007)

Partie 1

Partie 2

Fake Makes Breaks

The Sunpilots (Australia) - Spotlight in the Sun

The Sunpilots on MySpace

Legend of Atlantis - Part 1 - Dawn of the Gods

"Thousands of years ago the gods came down to Earth from the stars to initiate a genesis. Human civilization was formed and reached a peak with Atlantis. A dark age began and the battle of Atlantean gods led to its fall. A secret brotherhood brought Atlantean secret teachings before the fall to Egypt. Through all civilizations and with inspiration from extraterrestrian guards the secret Atlantean brotherhood managed all political systems with an educational mission. The thrilling documentation shows for the first time the secret activities of a brotherhood in relations with invisible masters from Shambhala and Agharta and the secret about the hollow earth."

The World's First Time Machine

Iraq's Missing Billions

"The coalition was given trusteeship of nearly 20 billion dollars of Iraq's money, nearly all of it was spent with no accountability and records. Fraud and corruption rampantly consumed much of these funds. Paul Bremer who headed the Coalition Provisional Authority made certain that as much of the money was spent as possible. Has some heartbreaking stories of actual Iraqi citizens and their children. Shows that the infrastructure, especially water and hospitals, which supposedly had billions spent on it though is still in shambles. Where did the money go!?"