Saturday, March 17, 2007

Slavery And The Making Of America - 3 - Seeds Of Destruction

The country that says to the world "We bring ourselves into existence on the principle of human freedom" is founded on slavery.

Dragons Alive - Ruling Reptiles

"The extinction of the dinosaurs left a power vacuum. Enter the dragons: powerful modern reptiles which still dominate large areas of our planet. Ruling Reptiles goes in search of the modern reptiles that have inherited the dominant role."

Steptoe & Son - Divided We Stand

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Life on Earth - Episode 08 - Lords of the Air

"The eighth episode focuses on birds. The feather is key to everything that is crucial about a bird: it is both its aerofoil and its insulator. The earliest feathers were found on a fossilised archeopteryx skeleton in Bavaria. However, it had claws on its wings and there is only one species alive today that does so: the hoatzin, whose chicks possess them for about a week or so. Nevertheless, it serves to illustrate the probable movement of its ancestor. It may have taken to the trees to avoid predators, and over time, its bony, reptilian tail was replaced by feathers and its heavy jaw evolved into a keratin beak. Beaks come in a variety of shapes depending on a bird’s feeding habits: examples given include the pouched bill of a pelican, the hooked beak of the vulture and the elongated mouth of the hummingbird. Attenborough hails the tern as one of the most graceful flyers and the albatross as a skilled glider. The swift is shown as one of the fastest: it can fly at 170 km/h. Birds communicate through display and/or song, and the elaborate courtship rituals of New Guinea’s birds of paradise are shown. All birds lay eggs, and the range of different nesting sites and parenting skills is explored. Finally, Attenborough visits Gibraltar to observe migratory birds. These rely on thermals when flying overland and use height to conserve energy when crossing oceans. It is estimated that some 5,000 million southbound birds cross the Mediterranean Sea each autumn."

Terry Jones' Barbarians - The Huns

Criss Angel - MindFreak - Oasis

John Denver - Country Roads

Blake Shelton - Goodbye Time

Tom Petty - Saving Grace

Eric Clapton - I Ain't Gonna Stand For It

Carlos Santana with Orestes Vilato, Armando Peraza & Raul Rekow - Chant; Aquamarine

Sheila E, Pete Escovedo and Tito Puente - Timbale solos

Arturo Sandoval - A Night In Tunisia

Lee Ritenour, Bob James, Nathan East, Harvey Mason - Fourplay - Chant

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George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Deep-Sea UFOs (USOs - Unidentified Submerged Objects)

Lion of the Desert

Starring Anthony Quinn, Oliver Reed, and Irene Papas.

Fin du pétrole

"Il n'y a pas de crise de l'Energie, mais simplement une crise d'Ignorance" B. Fuller

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Sarko vs Hulot

Madonna - Frozen

Lumsk - I Lytinne Två