Sunday, July 15, 2007

Five Ways To Save The World

"Climate change is being felt the world over and if global warming continues to increase the effects could be catastrophic.Some scientists and engineers are proposing radical, large-scale ideas that could save us from disaster.Although these ideas might have unknown side effects, some scientists believe we may soon have no choice but to put these radical and controversial plans into action."

UFO Documentary - Multiple Police Reporting UFOs, 5th of January 2000, Illinois, USA

"Darryl Barker is an independentdirector/producer. His documentary coverage of the famous St. Clair County, Illinois triangular UFO sighting by multiple witnesses, including five police officers, was premiered in August, 2000 in St. Louis, Missouri. An updated program, “The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000” was released in 2001.

"It’s now been more than six years and eight months since the sighting of a huge, unidentified triangular-shaped UFO by police officers and civilians in the early morning hours of January 5, 2000, over the state of Illinois. Since that time, the incident has been viewed by many as one of the most substantial UFO sightings in the history of the phenomenon, due almost entirely to the testimonials given by the law enforcement officers involved. As a result of my involvement in the production of a documentary that details this UFO sighting, I have had the opportunity to correspond with some of the witnesses over a period of time and stay in touch with developments regarding the sighting. It has given me the opportunity to see how such an event impacts people’s lives, witnesses and non, and gives me cause to stand back and view the entire picture from what I hope to be a humanitarian perspective.

"April 8, 2004 - Addendum: Key case eyewitness, Officer Ed Barton of the Lebanon, Illinois police department died in January, 2004. A memorial can be found at:"

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The Life of Apostle Paul

"The Life of Apostle Paul with Rick Steves journeys to Turkey and Greece with noted public television host Rick Steves and introduce the Apostle Paul, Christianity’s greatest theologian and missionary.

"About two thousand years ago Roman soldiers executed Jesus of Nazareth. The story appeared to be over. But it was just getting started. Within a generation, pockets of Greek, Roman, and Jewish members of a new faith, developed communities throughout the Eastern Mediterranean world. In time, that new faith, Christianity, became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

"This is the story of early Christianity’s greatest missionary and leading theologian - the Jewish Pharisee and tentmaker from Tarsus who became the Apostle Paul."

Martin Luther (1953)

"This is a film biography of Martin Luther, who started the Protestant Reformation in Germany in the early 1500's. It was produced in part by the Lutheran Church of America and Germany and filmed on original locations with an international cast."

Beth Carvalho (Brazil) - O mundo é um moinho

Djavan (Brazil) - Oceano

Joe Pass - Blues for Sitges (pump-up the volume - mettez le volume à fond)

João Gilberto (Brasil) - Curare

Marisa Monte (Brasil) - Não é fácil

Georges Schwizgebel - La jeune fille et les nuages

La musique est de Félix Mendelssohn, et, sur cette vidéo, elle est interprétée par le fils de Georges Scwhizgebel - Louis Schwizgebel-Wang - qui n'avait qu'une douzaine d'années lorsqu'il a enregistré ce morceau pour le film de son père.

The music is by Felix Mendelssohn, and, in this video, it is played by Georges Schwizgebel's son - Louis Schwizgebel-Wang - who was about twelve years old when he recorded this piece for his father's film.

Dizzy Gillespie, featuring Milt Jackson - Once In A While

Charlie Bird Parker & Friends

"Chalie Bird Parker, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Bill Harris, Ella Fitzgerald and other great jazz players in rare footages of an unfinished film produced by Norman Granz, New York, 1950."

Oscar peterson, Niels Pedersen and Ray Brown - Sweet Georgia Brown

Abdelkader Saadoun - Peace

Abdelkader Saadoun on MySpace

Raina Rai - Ya Zina

Cheba Soria & Abdou - Hazi Ainik

Souad Massi - Raoui

Marc Lavoine & Souad Massi - Paris

Mylene Farmer - Beyond My Control

Kayna Samet - Ecorchée-vive