Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jimi Hendrix - Red House (Isle of Wight, 1970)

Caution - put the volume down! Attention - baissez le volume!

Buddy Guy - Five long years

Mustapha Oumguil VCD Maroc Vidéo 2007

Jalal El Hamdaoui - Reggada Maroc 2006

Fire In The Sky (in French - en français)

Film basé sur une histoire vécue.

Première partie

Deuxième partie

Les hommes de l'espace

Rencontre avec les Extraterrestres

Voyage Au Centre De La Terre

Ahmad Jamal Trio with Gary Burton - Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)

My dear old and departed friend Dexter Gordon - Skylark

Richard Galliano et Biréli Lagrène - Valse pour Nicky

Miles Davis - Hannibal

Eric Clapton - Everyday I have the Blues

George Duke Band with Billy Cobham

OMnia (Bulgaria) - Idvash

The Shin (Georgia) - The Epic Waltz of Mr. QQ

The Shin on MySpace

About The Shin

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Concert Trio Rosenberg au New Morning

Twelve Girls Band (女子十二楽坊) - Mountains and Rivers

Bei Bei (China) on the Gu Zheng - Lantern Festival Performances - 1) Spring of Snowy Mountain; 2) Young Sprout

Buy Bei Bei's CD at Bei Bei's MySpace

Kotaro Oshio - Last Christmas

Jackpot Pour Les Dalton

Patricia Kaas - L'aigle noir

Maurane et Céline Dion - Quant on n'a que l'amour (pour mon cousin Dédé)

Dédé, la Toile manque cruellement de vidéos de Maurane, mais j'ai trouvé celle-ci que je te dédie.

Blake Shelton - Austin

Madonna - Express Yourself

Bette Midler - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Levent Altındağ (flute) and Passiflora (Turkey) - La Vacilona (Tomatito)

Levent Altındağ on MySpace

Count Basie Quartet - Blues

Billie Holiday & Count Basie - God Bless The Child & Now Baby Or Never

Salif Keita (Mali) - Madan

Une superbe rencontre - Trilok Gurtu au Mali

John Mclaughlin & Trilok Gurtu

Eric Clapton - Someday After A While

Dennis Chambers, Billy Sheehan, & John Novello

Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes

The Choirboys - Tears In Heaven

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Manhattan Transfer - Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone - Planet of the Apes

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Excerpt from the Russian fairy-tale film 'Sadko' (in Russian, with sub-titles in English)

Djamel Laroussi - Aho

Stephen Hawking's Universe - 5 - Black Holes and Beyond

"Are black holes real? Ultraluminous quasars and supermassive black holes, wormholes, and singularities."

The Human Sexes - Part Five - The Maternal Dilemma

"Written and presented by Desmond Morris (1997). In today's world' is it tougher to be a mother... or a father? Will it ever be possible to balance work and motherhood? No matter what you currently believe, The Maternal Dilemma will surprise you with new insight. See working mothers in Japan and England who leave their children in day-care centers. Discover the 'granny solution' in Greece. Explore the 'paternal solution' with stay-at-home fathers in America. Have dinner with a man from Utah who has several wives: some have children while others pursue careers. Compare women who work in fields with babies at their side, to Western women trying to balance kids with a career. It'll soon become clear that The Maternal Dilemma is something everybody shares."

Les lobbyistes au coeur de la République

Within Temptation - Angels

Gothic Bellydance DVD trailer

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde)

Ustad Allah Rakha & Zakir Hussain Tabla Solo inTeental

Not the best visual quality, but a great sound! La qualité visuelle laisse à désirer, mais quel merveilleux son!

India - Land of the Tiger - Monsoon Forests

Joseph Campbell And The Power Of Myth - 1

Vladiswar Nadishana (Siberia, Russia) - Naya

Vladiswar Nadishana on MySpace

Jaco Pastorius - Live studio jam, 1985

Charles Lloyd, Keith Jarrett, and Jack Dejohnette, 1968, Jazz Casual

Petrodollar Recycling

The image is unfortunately distorted, stretched verticaly, but the subject is most interesting and not without merit.

Phil Collins - Easy Lover

Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise

Renaud - Morgane de toi

Jean-Jacques Goldman - Là-bas

Attention, baissez le volume! Caution, put the volume down!

Johnny Winter - Rock & Roll

The Library

Stephen Hawking's Universe - 4 - On The Dark Side

"What is the destiny of the universe? Dark matter, WIMPS, MACHOS, neutrinos."

Robo sapiens 2003

"Ever since Isaac Asimov wrote his robot series of science fiction novels (though Czech writer Karel Capek coined the word first, in his 1920 play R. U. R.), people have looked at robots as both a threat and a blessing. The threat is that robots would be come conscious and act on their own volition; the blessing is that robots could accomplish many boring, repetitive and dangerous tasks for us."

Enigma - Sadeness

Secrets of the Star Disc

"This is the extraordinary story of how a small metal disc is rewriting the epic saga of how civilisation first came to Europe, 3600 years ago.

"When grave robbers ransacked a Bronze Age tomb in Germany, they had no idea that they had unearthed the find of a lifetime. But they knew that it was worth selling. It was a small bronze disc of exquisite design. So they contacted the archaeologist Harald Meller, offering to sell it to him for £300,000.

"Meller went deep into the criminal underworld and, after a police sting, he got his disc. It depicted the sun, the moon and the stars. This suggested an understanding of the heavens greater than that of the first great civilisations, like Egypt. Could it possibly be real?

"After exhaustive tests, the disc was declared genuine. Then a team of crack scientists pieced together what it meant. What emerged is a true marvel.

"This disc, it seems, is a Bronze Age Bible, combining an advanced understanding of the stars with some of the most sophisticated religious imagery of the age. In intellectual achievement and also age, it surpasses anything yet found in Egypt or Greece. It seems that civilisation had already dawned in Europe."

A Sick Person... Un individu malade...

Someone in Montreal, Canada, visited every page of my blog yesterday and then contacted the video hosting sites (Google for the most part) to report most of the videos here as "illegal", thereby getting said hosts to remove the videos in question. The purpose of this action was obviously to sabotage this blog. Was it out of jealousy for this blog and another one of my blogs which was equally thoroughly visited by someone in Montreal, Canada? Whoever did that is a very, very sick person indeed. How petty, and how sad...

Quelqu'un à Montréal au canada a visité chaque page de mon blog hier, puis a contacté les sites d'hébergement des vidéos (principalement Google) pour déclarer les vidéos comme étant "illégales", obtenant ainsi que ces sites ôtent les vidéos en question. Le but était manifestement de sabotager mon blog. Est-ce par jalousie pour ce blog et un autre de mes blogs qui a aussi été visité de fond en comble par un visiteur de Montréal au Canada? Quiconque a fait cela est de toute évidence quelqu'un de profondément malade. Quelle petitesse, et combien triste...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weather Report - Black Market & Scarlet Woman

Lee Ritenour, Bob James, Nathan East, Harvey Mason - Fourplay - 101 Eastbound (in two parts)

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

Solomon Burke - Diamond In Your Mind

Oscar Peterson Quartet - When Summer Comes

Glenn Gould - J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations

L'Aventure spatiale - Le berceau de la vie

Joseph Campbell - The Hero's Journey

Slavery And The Making Of America - 4 - Challenge Of Freedom

The country that says to the world "We bring ourselves into existence on the principle of human freedom" is founded on slavery.

Moby - Lift Me Up

Miles Davis - Tutu

Diatonis - Aurora

Sigur Rós - Reverb

Run, Dragon, Run!!

Within Temptation - Memories

Tristania - My Lost Lenore

Nightwish - Nemo

Vladiswar Nadishana (Siberia, Russia) - Window Into The Micro world

Vladiswar Nadishana on MySpace

Huun Huur Tu (Tuva) at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, August 2006 (iv)

Huun Huur Tu on MySpace

Moscow Art Trio with Angelite & Huun Huur Tu (Tuva) - Mountain Tale

Huun Huur Tu on MySpace

Roy Harper - Playing God

Roy Harper at MySpace

Roy Harper's Website

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Senhaji Said 2006 - Cha3bi Maroc

Cheb Khaled - Maardi

Billy Cobham's Glass Menagerie with Mike Stern on guitar 2

Michel Petrucciani - My Romance

"From the film "Lettre à Michel Petrucciani" by Frank Cassenti. Pi Production - INA 1983."

Paco de Lucia - Concierto de Aranjuez

Steve Vai - Get The Hell Out Of Here

Tesla, The Genius Who Lit The World

Free Energy

Electric Fuel - Zinc-air buses in Las Vegas

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror - Narrated by Ed Asner

Jan Svankmajer - Alice - Part 1

"IN THIS SCENE: Alice begins her journey by following the White Rabbit into Wonderland.

"ABOUT THIS FILM: When Alice follows the White Rabbit into Wonderland, so begins this dream expedition into the astonishing landscape of childhood, through many dangerous adventures, and ultimately to Alice's trial before the King and Queen of Hearts.

"Czech animator Jan Svankmajer has created a masterpiece of cinema, a strikingly original interpretation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale. Svankmajer's Alice remains true to the absurdity of Carroll's original, but bears the stamp of his own distinctive style and obsessions. Combining techniques of animation and live action, he gives a new and fascinating dimension to the classic tale of childhood fantasies.

""Svankmajer's film explores Alice in Wonderland's dark undercurrents: it unearths the fears that animate dreams and nightmares." -New York Times"



TO BUY THE DVD of Alice go here:

Enigma - Return To Innocence

Варвара (Varvara) - Летала да пела (Letala da pela)

Sheila E, Pete Escovedo and Tito Puente - Timbale and congas solos

Charles Lloyd and Michel Petrucciani - Tone Poem

Le voyage vers Mars

What Makes Us Human? - 2 - Copycats

"While our closest animal relatives have been swinging from the trees, humans have built a world that is vastly more complex. What are the defining features that have allowed us to do this? Are we special, and separate from all other animals, or are we just an especially successful mammal?"

Life on Earth - Episode 09 - The Rise of the Mammals

"The ninth episode is the first of several to concentrate on mammals. The platypus and the echidna are the only mammals that lay eggs (in much the same manner of reptiles), and it is from such animals that others in the group evolved. Since mammals have warm blood and most have dense fur, they can hunt at night when temperatures drop. It is for this reason that they became more successful than their reptile ancestors, who needed to heat themselves externally. Much of the programme is devoted to marsupials (whose young are partially formed at birth) of which fossils have been found in the Americas dating back 60 million years. However, because of continental drift, this kind of mammal flourished in Australia. Examples shown include the quoll, the Tasmanian devil, the koala, the wombat and the largest marsupial, the red kangaroo. The thylacine was similar to a wolf but is now thought to be extinct. In 1969, bones of creatures such as a 3 metre-tall kangaroo and a ferocious marsupial lion were found in a cave in Naracoorte, South Australia. The reason for these animals' extinction is, once again, thought to be climate change. Finally, Attenborough describes the most prolific mammals — those that originated in the Northern Hemisphere and give birth to fully formed young. He states, "The placenta and the womb between them provide a degree of safety and a continuity of sustenance which is unparalleled in the animal world.""

Edgar Winter - Nu Orleans

Cesária Evora (Cape Verde) - Sangue Berona

Titi Robin - Jivula, petite mère sultane

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Human Sexes - Part Four - Passages Of Life

"Written and presented by Desmond Morris (1997). Does society treat men and women differently? You may not like the unsettling answers you'll find in Passages Of Life. Compare the way different cultures deal with boys and girls as they grow up. Some believe male circumcision began as an ancient Egyptian snake worship ritual to ensure immortality. In the Middle East, puberty brings a girl her first veil; in Yemen, a boy his first grown-up dagger. Watch young women turned into ladies at an etiquette school in England, and young men turned into killers by the US Marine Corps. Witness a marriage celebration in a small Greek village - where a dowry still makes a difference. Passages Of Life might make you feel better about growing up... or worse."

Quantum Factor featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C. (What The Bleep Do We Know!?)

"Quantum Factor is the PBS television interview show that explores the nature of reality and the mysteries of the mind! This show features Dr. Joe Dispenza, a research scientist, author, lecturer and practicing chiropractor whose ideas have been prominently featured in the movie, "What The Bleep Do We Know!?" In this Quantum Factor episode, Dr. Dispenza discusses how the brain functions, the mind/body connection, and how our thought-patterns and emotional addictions form our reality. He tells us that we can rewire our brains to create new possibilities and realities! Lost Arts Productions (2006)"

Танцы Минус (Tantsy Minous) - Небыль (Niebyl)

Танцы Минус (Tantsy Minous) - Belle

Aimi Kobayashi, 8 ans - Concerto pour Piano et Orchestre N° 26 "Concerto du Couronnement" de Mozart

Nessun Dorma (Puccini, Turandot) by AfroTenor (Given Nabele, Lucky Sibande and Agos Moah), directed by Ivor Hartmann

Gary Moore - Still got the blues

Jennifer Batten - The Flight Of The Bumblebee (Rimsky Korsakov)

Evelyn Glennie and Horacio Hernandez jamming on a Manhattan rooftop

Chinese pipa music:新翻羽調綠腰

Lee Ritenour, Bob James, Nathan East, Harvey Mason - Fourplay - After the Dance

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Dick Tracy: Chapter One - The Spider Strikes

"Dick Tracy movie series made in 1937. "A master criminal called The Spider puts the famous detective's brother under a hypnotic spell and turns him against Dick." Directed by Alan James, Ray Taylor, story by Morgan Cox and George Morgan, written by Barry Shipman and Winston Miller, based on Chester Gould's comic strip, 1937. Video in public domain available at"

The Black Pirate, starring Douglas Fairbanks, 1926

The Rosenberg Trio featuring Biréli Lagrène and Christian Escoudé - Full concert

Angels - Heavenly messengers or Demonic spirits?

"From the Greek Hermes and the Persian Asmodeus to the Bible's Michael and Satan, this fascinating History channel program examines the portrayal of angels in history, religion and art -- and whether they actually exist. A balanced and lively conversation results from pitting opinions of the faithful against views of pragmatic scholars, shedding light on a rarely debated gray area between religious and scientific thought.

"This documentary recounts witness testimonials of angelic encounters both of heavenly and demonic nature."

Main Entry: de·mon
Variant(s): or dae·mon
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English demon, from Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin daemon evil spirit, from Latin, divinity, spirit, from Greek daimOn, probably from daiesthai to distribute
1 a : an evil spirit b : a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin
2 usually daemon : an attendant power or spirit
3 usually daemon : a supernatural being of Greek mythology intermediate between gods and men [emphasis mine -Vierotchka]
4 : one that has exceptional enthusiasm, drive, or effectiveness {a demon for work}

Touch the Strings - Change For Good (for Amedeo and Belinda)

Eric Clapton - Have You Ever Loved A Woman?

Secrets & Mystères du Monde - Pyramides d'Égypte

Erykah Badu - Rimshot

Stati Abdel Aziz - Mon Amour

Friday, March 23, 2007

Extraordinary People - The Boy with the incredible Brain

"Daniel Tammet first came to worldwide attention in March 2004 on international Pi Day (3/14, of course) when he recited, from memory, Pi to 22,514 decimal places. It took over five hours and set a new European record. The event, which Daniel named "Pi in the Sky", coincided with Einstein's birthday and took place in front of Einstein's blackboard at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, England. Daniel used that event to raise funds for the National Society for Epilepsy because it was after a series of childhood seizures that his extraordinary number and memory abilities began, aligning him with that rare circumstance of the 'acquired savant' in which such exceptional skills surface following some CNS injury or disease. He is proud of the monies raised on behalf of this organization, and certainly gave this worthy cause a good deal of visibility.

"In addition to number and massive memory skills, Daniel has exceptional language skills as well. He speaks French, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Esperanto and Icelandic. He learned the difficult Icelandic language in seven days which was carefully documented in the one hour film about Daniel titled The Boy with the incredible Brain."

Pat Metheny on the Pikasso guitar

Pat Metheny on Myspace

GRP All-Star Big Band - Seven Steps to Heaven

Personnel: John Patitucci, Dave Weckl, Russell Ferrante, Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Chuck Findley, Byron Stripling, George Bohanon, Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangel, Ernie Watts, Bob Mintzer, Tom Scott, Dave Grusin, Gary Burton, Eddie Daniels, Phillip Bent.

Aux confins de l'univers

Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson - Music for one apartment and six drummers

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb

Featuring Robert Wyatt.

Marcus Miller - Live Under The Sky '91

Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina

Tommy Emmanuel on MySpace

Wildlife Specials - Humpback Whale

The Mystery Of The Jurassic

"For years scientists have been trying to find the mysterious evolutionary master key responsible for transforming the dinosaurs into world-beaters. In the early Jurassic, 200 million years ago, they were a relatively small group of primitive creatures. By the late Jurassic, 50 million years later, they had become the magnificent array of carnivores and giant plant eaters that would dominate the planet for millions of years. In between lies the mysterious period of the middle Jurassic in which all these changes must have happened. But what were they? What was it that transformed the dinosaurs?"

Lee Ritenour - Captain Caribe

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Deborah Henson-Conant - Land of You

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seryoga - Kukla

Maanam (Poland) - Do kogo biegłam

Каста - Ревность (Kasta - Revnost)

Nosso Trio - Vento Bravo

Tintin - Explorers on the Moon

MFÖ (Turkey) - Güllerin İçinden

Mark Knopfler - Song for Sonny Liston

G3 - Voodoo Child

Jeff Beck and Jennifer Batten - Declan

Jean-Luc Ponty - Jig

Michel Berger - Les Princes Des Villes

Fernandel - Le Tango Corse

MC Solaar - Le nouveau western

Don Ross - Loaded, Leather, Moonroof

Don Ross on MySpace

Eric Clapton - Bell Bottom Blues (Live Version)

Scott Pazera & Laurence Cottle jamming

Scott Pazera & Laurence Cottle - NAMM 2006 - The funniest videos are a click away

Salif Keita (Mali) - Katolon

Papa Zoè

Djamel Laroussi - Étoile filante

Alex Acuña - Timbale, congas, and drums solo

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baney Kessel, Herb Ellis and Charlie Byrd - Medley

Weather Report (with Miroslav Vitous and Alan Skidmore) - Directions (1971)

Weather Report (Jaco Pastorius solo) - Portrait Of Tracy

Secrets & Mystères du Monde - La Zone 51

UFO Files - The Grays' agenda

Laurent Voulzy - Je suis venu pour elle

Alain Souchon - C'est déjà ça

Nabila - Mouk Wa3ra

Cheb Mami - Douha Aaliya Poulicia

Rayon X - Les mystères du cerveau

Dragons Alive - Smart Reptiles

"The second program focuses on the amazing natural technology that makes reptiles such a successful group. Are reptiles the bio-technology wizards of the animal world? If you count sprinting on water, shooting blood from the eyes, spitting poison at their enemies, navigating by magnetic fields, converting ribs into a hang-glider, or communicating emotions in color then, yes, they are!"

What Makes Us Human? - 1 - Big Heads

2While our closest animal relatives have been swinging from the trees, humans have built a world that is vastly more complex. What are the defining features that have allowed us to do this? Are we special, and separate from all other animals, or are we just an especially successful mammal?"

Johnny Winter at the Rockpalast, 1979, part 1

African Dance: Sand, Drum, and Shostakovich (en français, in French with subtitles in English)

"This documentary explores African contemporary dance through eight modern dance companies from Africa, Europe and Canada that participated in the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal, Canada in 1999. Interviews, including those with dance historians Yacouba Konate and Alponse Tierou, add insight to beautifully-photographed performances. What emerges is a fascinating diversity of contemporary African dance themes and styles. Exploring the interactions between tradition and modernism, the consequences of colonization and urbanization, the self-expression of women through dance, and the roles of masculinity and family relationships, the film is a unique source of information and inspiration for dancers, dance historians, choreographers, critics, as well as those interested in African culture, past and present. "More than ever, as a forum for cross-cultural exchanges, this ninth edition of the Festival showcases African dance because it appears to be undergoing a cultural and artistic renaissance nurtured by the contact and clash between tradition and modernity, and by a reevaluation of its global links. The young choreographers visiting us from Abidjan, a dance capital in Central Africa, from Ouagadougou and Johannesburg, are creating their own special vocabularies, with echoes from ancestral lands and sprawling urban centers. In their works, these artists are living Africa's present and future, with all the anxiety or confidence that this may entail." — Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, Montreal, Canada."

Buy DVD from

Salif Keita (Mali) & Cesária Évora (Cape Verde) - Yamore

Twelve Girls Band (女子十二楽坊) - Spirit Dance

Larry Carlton - Minute by Minute

Lee Ritenour with special guest Chris Botti - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Little Feat - Let It Roll

Monday, March 19, 2007

Montana Skies - Classical Gas & While My Guitar Gently Weeps (for Amedeo and Belinda)

Tommy Emmanuel - Guitar Boogie

Tommy Emmanuel on MySpace

Don Alder - Sayonara

Stevie Vaughan - Mary Had A Little Lamb

Ray Charles - Georgia

The Doors - Light My Fire

Санкт-Петербург - A Visit of Saint Petersburg (the city of my forefathers)

"Probably the most familiar symbol of St Petersburg is the equestrian statue of Peter the Great, installed in 1782 on the Senate Square. Considered the greatest masterpiece of the French-born Etienne Maurice Falconet, the statue figures prominently in the Russian literature under the name of the Bronze Horseman.

"The Palace Square is dominated by the unique Alexander Column (1830–1834), the tallest of its kind in the world and so nicely set that no attachment to the base is needed. A striking monument to Generalissimo Suvorov, represented as a youthful god of war, was erected in 1801 on the Field of Mars, formerly used for military parades and popular festivities. Saint Isaac's Square is graced by the Monument to Nicholas I (1856–1859), which was spared by Bolshevik authorities from destruction as the first equestrian statue in the world with merely two support points (the rear feet of the horse).

"The public monuments of St Petersburg also include Mikeshin's circular statue of Catherine II on the Nevsky Avenue, fine horse statues on the Anichkov Bridge, a Rodin-like equestrian statue of Alexander III by Paolo Troubetzkoy, and the Tercentenary monument presented by France in 2003 and installed on the Sennaya Square.

"Some of the most important events in the city's history are represented by particular monuments. The Russian victory over Napoleon, for example, was commemorated by the Narva Triumphal Gate (1827–1834), and the victory in the Russo-Turkish War, 1828-1829 — by the Moscow Triumphal Gates (1834–1838). Following this tradition, the Piskarevskoye Cemetery was opened in 1960 as a monument to the victims of the 900-Day Siege."

Dima Bilan - Nevozmozhnoe

Reflex - Love

Two excerpts from the Russian fairy-tale film 'Sadko' (in Russian, with sub-titles in English)

Cesária Évora (Cape Verde) - Mar Azul

Lee Ritenour - Dolphine Dreams

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Quincy Jones, Phil Woods, and the 1960 Big Band - Gypsy; Tickle Joe

The Blue Planet - 4 - Frozen Seas

"The Blue Planet, the definitive exploration of the Earth's final frontier is now over. From the deep to the shore, from pole to pole it revealed extraordinary life and behavior that had never before been filmed. In some cases the species were only recently known to scientists."

Wildlife Specials - Wolf

The Money Trap - How the banks lure you into debt

An insider reveals an industry driven by ambitious targets to sell borrowing to customers.

Madonna - Ray Of Light

Sami Yusuf - Salat w Salam

Cheb Mami - Meli Meli

La lune et ses mystères

Muddy Waters & Sonny Boy Williamson II - Got My Mojo Working

Johnny Winter - Sweet Papa John

Michel Petrucciani Trio Live - Take The A Train

GRP All-Star Big Band - Cherokee

Personnel: John Patitucci, Dave Weckl, Russell Ferrante, Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Chuck Findley, Byron Stripling, George Bohanon, Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangel, Ernie Watts, Bob Mintzer, Tom Scott, Dave Grusin, Gary Burton, Eddie Daniels, Phillip Bent.

My friend Ed Epstein - You've Changed