Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dave Grusin - The GRP Super Live In Concert '88

GRP Big Band - Tom Scott solo on alto sax

Lee Ritenour - Rio Funk

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Conquistadors - All The World is Human

Animusic - Aqua Harp

Mark Harmer - Carolan's Dream

Alan Stivell et Dan ar Braz à Bercy

La musique et la harpe d'Alan Stivell et moi, c'est une histoire d'amour de bientôt quarante ans.

Life on Earth - Episode 01 - The Infinite Variety

"This episode begins in the South American rainforest, whose rich variety of life forms is used to illustrate the sheer number of different species. Since many are dependent on others for food or means of reproduction, David Attenborough argues that they couldn't all have appeared at once. He sets out to discover which came first, and the reasons for such diversity. He starts by explaining the theories of Charles Darwin and the process of natural selection, using the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands (where Darwin voyaged on HMS Beagle) as an example. Fossils provide evidence of the earliest life, and Attenborough travels a vertical mile into the Grand Canyon in search of them. By the time he reaches the Colorado River bed, the geological strata are 2,000 million years old — yet there are no fossils. However, the "right rocks" are found on the shores of Lake Superior in Canada, where wafer-thin slices of flint, called churt, reveal filaments of primitive algae. Also, the micro-organisms that flourish at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming appear to be identical to the Earth's oldest fossils. The evolution of single-celled creatures, from simple cyanophytes to more complex ciliates, and then from multi-celled sponges and jellyfish to the many variations of coral and its associated polyps, is discussed in detail. The fossilized remains of jellyfish are shown within the Flinders Ranges of Australia, and are estimated to be 650 million years old."

Weird Nature - Bizarre Breeding

Tito Puente and Sheila E - El rey del timbale

Eric Clapton - Cocaine

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers - Kids Got The Blues

Bette Midler - Doctor Long John Blues

Adam Baldych, Fusion Violinist from Poland - Solo

Larry Carlton & Lee Ritenour - Room 335

The visual quality is not so good, but the music is great!

La qualité visuelle laisse à désirer, mais la musique est excellente!

Lee Ritenour on MySpace

Remember Shakti - Saturday Night in Bombay

"Guitarist John McLaughlin is one of the true legends of modern jazz. On Saturday Night in Bombay, two distinct musical genres, traditional jazz and Indian classical music are fused together to form a powerfully energetic record. Saturday Night in Bombay features the current touring version of McLaughlin's Indian/Western improvisational quartet, which includes Zakir Hussain, U. Shrinivas, and V. Selvaganesh-Remember Shakti."

Indialucia - Raag & Ole

Deep Purple - Steve Morse solo followed by Smoke On The Water

Noa - Eye In The Sky

Noa on MySpace

Cheb Rayan - Wa3ra

Othmane Mayor - Nkelech Omri - El mahna elli nebghiha - Raï-Reggada