Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Home (adapted from J.G. Ballard's short story "The Enormous Space")

Loyko (Russian Gypsies) - Return Of The Gypsy Maestro

Diabolské Husle (Slovakia) - Gypsy Passion

Gulabi Sapera et Titi Robin - Shadi Ke Badh

Gulabi Sapera & Titi Robin on MySpace

The Gurdjieff Movements presented by Jeanne de Salzmann

"The Gurdjieff Movements are here presented by Jeanne de Salzmann, his prime pupil. This is a rare bootleg of a film made by Jeanne de Salzmann in collaboration with members of the Gurdjieff Foundation in an effort to preserve a visual record of the sacred movements and dances taught by Gurdjieff ever since he appeared in the West in 1912. Best to watch in silence, alone, in a darkened room:)"

Carl Jung - Matter of Heart

"Documentary on the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, featuring interviews with those who knew him, and archive footage of Jung. Discusses some of his perspectives and how he was marginalized by history.

"The C.G. Jung institute of Lost Angeles"

Weird Nature - Fantastic Feeding

Our Planet - Fresh Water

"Fresh water defines the distribution of life on land. Follow the descent of rivers from their mountain sources to the sea. Watch spectacular waterfalls, fly inside the Grand Canyon and explore the wildlife in the world's deepest lake. Planet Earth captures unique and dramatic moments of animal behaviour: a showdown between smooth-coated otters and mugger crocodiles; deep-diving long tailed macaques; massive flocks of snow geese on the wing and a piranha frenzy in the perilous waters of the world's largest wetland."

Jordan Pruitt - Jump To The Rhythm

Indigo Girls - Little Perennials

Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah

Corbin Bleu - Deal With It

Jesse McCartney - Because You Live

Queen with Paul Rodgers - We Are The Champions; Reaching Out; Tie Your Mother Down

Breaking Benjamin - So Cold