Friday, March 23, 2007

Extraordinary People - The Boy with the incredible Brain

"Daniel Tammet first came to worldwide attention in March 2004 on international Pi Day (3/14, of course) when he recited, from memory, Pi to 22,514 decimal places. It took over five hours and set a new European record. The event, which Daniel named "Pi in the Sky", coincided with Einstein's birthday and took place in front of Einstein's blackboard at the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, England. Daniel used that event to raise funds for the National Society for Epilepsy because it was after a series of childhood seizures that his extraordinary number and memory abilities began, aligning him with that rare circumstance of the 'acquired savant' in which such exceptional skills surface following some CNS injury or disease. He is proud of the monies raised on behalf of this organization, and certainly gave this worthy cause a good deal of visibility.

"In addition to number and massive memory skills, Daniel has exceptional language skills as well. He speaks French, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Esperanto and Icelandic. He learned the difficult Icelandic language in seven days which was carefully documented in the one hour film about Daniel titled The Boy with the incredible Brain."

Pat Metheny on the Pikasso guitar

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GRP All-Star Big Band - Seven Steps to Heaven

Personnel: John Patitucci, Dave Weckl, Russell Ferrante, Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Chuck Findley, Byron Stripling, George Bohanon, Eric Marienthal, Nelson Rangel, Ernie Watts, Bob Mintzer, Tom Scott, Dave Grusin, Gary Burton, Eddie Daniels, Phillip Bent.

Aux confins de l'univers

Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson - Music for one apartment and six drummers

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb

Featuring Robert Wyatt.

Marcus Miller - Live Under The Sky '91

Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina

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Wildlife Specials - Humpback Whale

The Mystery Of The Jurassic

"For years scientists have been trying to find the mysterious evolutionary master key responsible for transforming the dinosaurs into world-beaters. In the early Jurassic, 200 million years ago, they were a relatively small group of primitive creatures. By the late Jurassic, 50 million years later, they had become the magnificent array of carnivores and giant plant eaters that would dominate the planet for millions of years. In between lies the mysterious period of the middle Jurassic in which all these changes must have happened. But what were they? What was it that transformed the dinosaurs?"

Lee Ritenour - Captain Caribe

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Deborah Henson-Conant - Land of You