Saturday, March 03, 2007

Near Death Experience

"In the fall of 2003, The Learning Channel aired a non-copyright brand new British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) production about NDEs entitled The Day I Died. IANDS Board members were immediately and powerfully impressed with the quality of the 45-minute program. It showed two in-depth case studies of NDErs—one in the U.K., the other in the U.S.; depicted the two most recent prospective NDE research studies—one in the U.K., the other in the Netherlands; interviewed the most outstanding NDE researchers worldwide; presented both skeptical and “believer” perspectives; and reenacted the most compelling case of veridical (verifiably accurate) perception in an NDE during radical surgery for a brain aneurysm. The production was completely up-to-date and covered virtually everything an inquiring mind needed for an informed and balanced introduction to the phenomenon of NDEs. In short, most, if not all, Board members considered it the best NDE production made to date—very close to “the ultimate NDE video.”"

Monty Python and The Holy Grail

SuperGenerous - The Legend of Johnny Cactus - Live in Brazil

Gary More - Still Got The Blues

Johnny Winter - Jumping Jack Flash

Kamini - Marly-Gomont

Treasure Hunt

""A short 3D animation about the pirate Herman Seabag. "One day while sitting in his cabin drinking Pirate Rum he suddenly discovers a treasure map in one of his bottles! This leads him out on a dangerous journey for the hidden treasure..."

"This is my and two others exam project at Noroff Institute's 3D Film Production course 2006. Created with 3dsmax 8. Contact info at the end of the movie. Enjoy! :)"

Michael Kelsey - Midnight Voices

Yansımalar (Turkey) - Yakamoz - Katre 1

Simo Ylissawi

Cheb Bilal, Faudel, Mami, etc., à l'Olympia - Roubla

Joyce (Brazil) - Feminina

Steptoe & Son - Loathe Story

Caution - put the volume down a bit.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Madonna - Jump (Live)

Twelve Girls Band (女子十二楽坊) - Carnival

Wildlife Specials - Crocodile

Free Energy: The Race To Zero Point

The Death Squads - Iraqi Ethnic Cleansing

Interestingly enough, this began at the time when infamous John Negroponte, of Iran/Contra Death Squads "fame", had been the US' Ambassador to Iraq for several months already. Coincidence? I doubt it very, very much.

Life on Earth - Episode 03 - The First Forests

"This third episode examines the earliest land vegetation and insects. The first plants, being devoid of stems, mainly comprised mosses and liverworts. Using both sexual and asexual methods of reproduction, they proliferated. Descended from segmented sea creatures, millipedes were among the first to take advantage of such a habitat and were quickly followed by other species. Without water to carry eggs, bodily contact between the sexes was now necessary. This was problematical for some hunters, such as spiders and scorpions, who developed courtship rituals to ensure that that the female didn't eat the male. Over time, the plants' cell walls strengthened and they grew taller. Ferns and horsetails were among the first such species. Insects then evolved wings to avoid climbing and the dragonfly (which once had a wingspan of 60 centimetres) is one of the most successful. The elaborate wingbeats of the damselfly are shown slowed down 120 times. Some plants, like the cycad enlisted the insects to transport pollen, while others, like the conifer, spread spores. Over a third of forests contain conifers and the giant sequoia of California is the largest living organism of any kind: it grows to a height of 112 metres. The conifer secretes resin to repair its trunk, and this survives as amber. Within it, insect specimens have been found that are 200 million years old. In fact, at this time, every insect known today was already in existence."

Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire - Rebellion

Delphin and Stella - Eyes

Sogdiana (Uzbekistan) - Yurak Mahzun

Un petit cadeau pour mes compatriotes Suisses et Jurassiens: Zouc - Le paddock