Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Final Solution - Massacres in India

"Shows the absolute brutality of conflict in India which recieves virtually no mainstream press in the United States."

Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or poison?

"A very interesting documentary on genetically engineer food or GE, GMO. GE food raise serious concern about its safety because it is not properly regulated in North America yet. Primary research on rats feed with GE food show modifications to their internal organs. If you like the documentary, go and support the people who did the work so they can keep working on exposing the truth. You can buy the documentary here:"

Cheb 3abdo et Cheba Soriya - Hazi 3aynik

Cheba Nasira - Ma3andi zhar

Chorouk 2

Roland Magdane - Le Bonheur

Roland Magdane - Chez le dentiste

Claude Nougaro - Le chat

Francis Cabrel - Tourner les hélicos

Brenda Lee and Chet Atkins - A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Roger Waters & Eric Clapton - Wish You Were Here

Elvin Jones & Wynton Marsalis