Monday, April 30, 2007

Sierra Club Chronicles: The Day the Water Died

"March 24, 1989 will forever plague history as one of the worst environmental disasters of our time. Eleven million gallons of oil spilled into the Prince William Sound killing thousands of wildlife and destroying a complex and delicate ecosystem. Exxon promised they would clean up the spill and promised that those affected would get their lives back. Sixteen years later and the people are still waiting for their lives to become "whole" again.

"Ross Mullins - commercial fisherman and Cordova businessman, Dune Lankard - Eyak tribesman and environmental activist, Riki Ott - marine biologist and former commercial fisherman, are among many others who describe the historic the spill, the immediate emotional impact it had on them, and how, 16 years later, Exxon has still not paid the court-ordered punitive damages."

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