Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Twin Warriors


Manifesto Joe said...

Ouch -- but, point taken. About the same time that I saw your response to my complaint on The Existentialist Cowboy, I had a piece of automated spam show up on my site. I am by nature impatient; but this vividly showed me the value of the letter verification hurdle, and I have now implemented it on my own site.

Your blog is an intriguing cultural smorgasbord. My compliments. I am a devotee of jazz guitar -- Django Reinhardt is an old favorite.

Manifesto Joe said...

Your site is so vast and impressive, it makes me feel very amateurish and provincial by comparison. My wife has been preoccupied lately by family issues, but I want to show her this when she has time to look. She is a freelance artist and will love all of this.