Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tango Animation - En Tus Brazos (In Your Arms)

"Enjoy the beautiful French animation movie "En Tus Brazos" about how nothing can stop a tango dancing couple ... not even fate. It abounds with creativity, sentiment and argentine tango.

"The greatest tango dancer of the 20's is stuck in a wheelchair after a tragic accident. Thanks to his wife, he recovers the use of his legs, the time of one imaginary dance, ending entreating passionately "Don't stop, hold me tight".

"Directed by François-Xavier Goby Edouard Jouret and Matthieu Landour. France 2005. Presented on festivals in Paris, Séoul and Bristol. Original version on

"Music (first part): "En Tus Brazos" by Alfredo de Angelis and Oscar Larroca (vocal). Composition by Carlos Zárate. Lyric by Elizardo Martínez Vilas.

"Music (final part): "El Huracán" by Edgardo Donato. Composition by Osvaldo Donato."

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