Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Monkey Prince

"Set in the mountains of Southern India, The Monkey Prince, tells the moving story of two monkeys - Bobo and Jeela. Born on the same day, in the same troop of monkeys, their lives take dramatically different paths.

"Growing up as the son of the troop's dominant female, Bobo enjoys a position at the top of the clan's hierarchy. He is favoured, groomed and protected by the other monkeys, including the group leader - Nine Fingers. Nine Fingers protects the clan from rival monkeys invading from other areas and always ensures order. Unlike Bobo, Jeela as a common female monkey, has no special privileges.

"When Nine Fingers is killed by his long-standing rival, Long Tooth, life for both Bobo and Jeela changes forever. Jeela finds her position in the clan elevated to second dominant female, when Long Tooth chooses her mother as his favourite. Other females in the clan are quick to show their respect to Jeela in order to maintain favour. Bobo, on the other hand is eventually shunned and banished from the clan altogether, his mother and sibling both slain.

"Bobo finds himself for the first time embarking on a life outside his mountain home, isolated and desperate for food. While, from the safety of the mountains, Jeela is left to ponder the fate of her childhood friend, Bobo.

"Somewhere between fact and fiction, “The Monkey Prince”, delves into the destiny of a remarkable monkey and reveals the family life of two herds by showing their territorial wars and their interaction with the human and natural worlds.

"The story takes place in the southern Indian State of Karnataka amidst the ruins of an ancient city inhabited by thousands of monkeys. It is also a legendary place for many Indians. The Ramayana, the great Indian epic, relates that Hanuman, the monkey god, was born there.

"The location inspired many writers including Rudyard Kipling for his “Jungle Book.”"




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