Sunday, May 26, 2013

Slavery: A 21st Century Evil - Prison slaves

Over the past 20 years China has become the world's biggest exporter of consumer goods. But behind this apparent success story is a dark secret - millions of men and women locked up in prisons and forced into intensive manual labour.

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ViorelAgocs said...

This reminds me of a passage from Colin Wilson's book, "The Outsider": "Imagine a a large castle on an island, with almost inescapable dungeons. The jailer has installed every device to prevent the prisoners escaping, and he has taken one final precaution: that of hypnotizing the prisoners, and then suggesting to them that THEY AND THE PRISON ARE ONE. When one of the prisoners awake to the fact that he would like to be free, and suggests this to his fellow prisoners, they look at him with surprise and say: 'Free from what? We are the castle'... Keep posting interesting stuff. I'll stay tuned :)